I’ve had oldies on the brain lately. I ran into some school friends at a book signing in my hometown and we started reminiscing about our high school bus driver, Peggy. She had a portable cassette player that she plugged into the school bus speakers. Our mornings were filled with the tunes of REO Speedwagon, AD/DC, Foreigner, and Bob Seger. All of still remember it fondly and it only takes a few bars of any of the songs and we’re back on the bus heading to school. I pay for a music streaming service, so it makes it pretty simple for me to find the oldies that I don’t already own.  But if you don’t pay for a streaming service or are just looking for a better variety, check out this cool site I just found.

Listen to Old Music gives you a huge variety of music from the hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s to ragtime, country and easy listening.  Click here to check it out.

The homepage gives you a pretty simple menu. Just click on the type of music that interests you, whether it’s the top songs of 1983, big band music, or classic country.


Once you pick a category, you can scroll down to the Jukebox to see the playlist. I picked the hits of 1982. You can pause the music or go backward and forward in the list.


You can easily create your own playlist of tunes you enjoy or explore playlists created by other users. This site has some rules for playlists, like not putting too many of one artist on the list. So, read them over before you create yours.

You can check it out here.  http://www.listentooldmusic.com/