Need a laugh? Check out this scam

I received a scam email letter that was so funny, it absolutely made my day.  Apparently, a big box of money with my name on it was just abandoned at the border.

All have to do is split the cash with the border agent.  It sure sounds legit to me. I shared a fairly realistic-looking Netflix scam with you earlier in the week and I really couldn’t blame anyone for falling for that one.

However, if you’re tempted to believe that boxes of money have been left for you at the border, you either haven’t been reading my tips or you are certainly up to something shady. If you aren’t some type of international illegal diamond dealer, I’d just delete a message like this. If you are some type of shady international criminal, have your henchmen check it out.  Otherwise, read this for a laugh. If you have any friends or family you fear might fall for this scam, make sure to give them the heads up.




I am seriously tempted to contact this scammer and see what kind of idiocy he tries to feed me and how long it will take before he wants my bank account number, but it’s trash day and I have some things to do.

On a serious note. Please, please, please do not ever think for a moment that any offer like this is legitimate. Yes, people should know better. Even if this were a real offer, it would be completely illegal.  But I cannot tell you how many times during the years I worked in the news business that people fell for things like this and gave away their life savings to crooks.


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