Turn your phone into a mobile hotspot

One of the neatest things you can do with a phone is turn it into a mobile hotspot.

That means you can use it to generate a WiFi network that your tablet or laptop can use.

You might consider turning your phone into a hot spot if you’re traveling and there’s no WiFi to connect to. Or if you’d feel safer using a password protected network generated by your phone as opposed to public WifFi.


This is completely optional. If you have no interest in doing it, just go ahead and skip this chapter. You can always come back to it later if it’s something you need to do.

Turning your phone into a hotspot will eat up your data. So, you’ll need to have a plan with your carrier that supports it. Make sure you check with your wireless carrier to confirm how much data you have.

Here’s how you make it happen in Android. Go to settings by clicking that settings gear.


Tap on Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.


Turn Mobile Hot Spot On. Then tap on it.


You’ll see the name of the network your phone is generating along with the password for the network. This may look different on your phone, depending on your model and phone carrier.


Here, I’ve opened up my tablet to look for a WiFi network and there’s the name of my network. I just need to enter the password to log on.


Keep in mind that your phone will consume a lot of battery power when you use it as a hot spot. I’d plug it into a wall charger, car charger, or portable battery for this undertaking.

For an iPhone, open settings and select Mobile Data. Turn Personal Hotspot on.


You’ll need to enter a suitable password.



You’ll have the option of connecting your phone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or by plugging in with your phone cord.

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