Run Windows apps on Chromebook, Mac, & Linux

More and more people are using Chromebooks. While these devices may look like a standard laptop, they have a lot in common with Android tablets, as you’re pretty much stuck using apps that are available in the Chromebook app store. So that means no Microsoft Office or other Windows apps. But there’s a way you can run many popular Windows apps and games on a Chromebook. This software can also allow you to run many Windows programs on Mac and Linux systems.

It’s called CrossOver. The program has been around for a while, though the Chromebook version is still in beta testing.

What runs using CrossOver. Almost 15,000 programs, so it’s too long to list. But you can go to their What Runs page and browse Alphabetically or just search for a program.


Each app is listed with a user star rating under the Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems. There aren’t any rating for Chrome as of this writing since it’s still in the beta testing phase.


You can click on the individual app to see what the particular issues are. You can check out the ratings, view screenshots of that program running, and get tips and tricks for using it with CrossOver. There’s even a video to talk you through installing CrossOver.



You can check out free trial versions for Linux and Mac systems and also download the Beta version for Chromebook, which is free for now.

To use with a Chromebook, the device must have an Intel processor and you must have Google Play enabled.  Click here to learn how to download and try. 

Crossover for Mac costs $59.95 per year or $499.95 for a lifetime license. You can check out a trial version by clicking here.


CrossOver for Linux has the same pricing as for Mac.  You can get your free trial of that program, by clicking here.

I’d strongly discourage buying before running a trial to see if your software works. (So does CrossOver.) Also, make sure to check out the system requirements for the version of CrossOver you need to make sure it will work on your device.


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