Control Facebook app permissions

A couple of days ago, I told you how easy it is to accidentally give games and quizzes way too much of your private information on Facebook. Click here to read that article.

But you do have control over what information Facebook apps have access to. Here’s how to check what they have access to and how to control what they see.

Open Facebook. Click the drop-down arrow on the top-right of your Facebook page and choose Settings.



Then choose Apps.


You can select any app by clicking on it or choosing the pencil icon that allows editing.


You’ll see a list of permissions you’ve granted the app.


Click the checkmark beside the app to deselect any permissions.


You can also choose whether you will allow the app to send notifications.


Scroll down and you can get more information on why permissions are needed and how you can contact app developers and ask them to remove information they’ve already collected about you.


If you want to remove the app, just scroll to the bottom and choose Remove App.


Don’t forget to hit the Save button to make any changes in app permissions stick.

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