Speed up your PC or Mac with CCleaner

I’ve got a great free download for you today that can help your PC or Mac run smoother and faster. Several of you have asked for a good substitute for System Mechanic’s clean-up functions and this is a great option.

CCleaner can wipe away years’ worth of unnecessary files that are bogging down your computer.

As your computer ages, unused files that are no longer needed collect on your hard drive, taking up valuable space. CCleaner cleans these unused files and settings for you, thus, improving the speed of your computer.

Go to the website and click on Free Download:


Next, click on Free Download in the ‘CCleaner Free’ box:

It will then ask you to choose the source from which you want to download the program:

Next, click Save File when prompted:

Choose the location you want to save the file in, then go to that location and run it by double clicking it and giving it authorization to run.

Once, the Welcome window opens, select your language and click on next:

Select/de-select the options you want and click Next.

It will then ask you if you want to install Google chrome as your default browser. If yes, then check the box, if not then de-select it and click Install:

Once the installation is complete, it will ask you to run it. Select Run CCleaner v5.05 and click Finish

When the CCleaner opens, click Analyze to find out exactly how much space the CCleaner can free-up from your hard drive by removing unwanted files such as caches, cookies etc. Then click Run Cleaner.

A prompt will warn you that the action will permanently delete these files from your computer and if you are sure you want to continue. Click OK.

Next, click on the Registry tab.

Then click on Scan for Issues. Once the scan is complete, click Fix Selected Issues.

Click here for CCleaner for PC

Click here for CCleaner for MAC

2 thoughts on “Speed up your PC or Mac with CCleaner

  1. Hi, Cyn, Great tool. was anyone else notified that CCleaner is only a two week trial? In 2 weeks the app evidently will be null.

  2. I have been using CCleaner from 98SE to XP Pro to 7 Pro and now 10 Pro. I was so impressed with what it did, that from XP Pro on, I have opted for the CCleaner Pro (Paid Version) and it has not disappointed me yet. It has cleaned out fragmented bits and pieces of “Uninstalled Programs” that other software has left behind just taking up space and fragmenting my hard drives and is a real bear to remove otherwise. I have also been using System Mechanic Pro for nearly as long and find that between the two it is considerably easier to keep my system running at it’s peak. I find that the two programs actually compliment each other. I have also found that Belarc Advisor (Which is totally frree for non-commercial use) is another program I would be hard put to live without! As a side note, I have been using PC’s since 1980 and am looking at my 70th birthday coming up!

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