Facebook aims to prevent suicide

Facebook is using artificial intelligence to scan Facebook posts and Facebook Live videos for signs that a user might be considering suicide. It’s part of what Facebook calls Proactive Detection.

There have been multiple cases of people committing suicide while doing a Facebook Live broadcast and those with suicidal thoughts often post about them on Facebook.

The company is using pattern recognition to detect suicidal statements and dedicating more personnel to review the finding of the automatic detection.

One of the things they look for are comments like, “Are you okay?” and “Can I help,” on posts.

Facebook also offers an easy way for you to report a post.

If you’re concerned about a Facebook post you can click or tap the three-dot icon at the top right of the post and choose Give feedback on this post from the drop-down menu.

give feedback.jpg

You can then choose Suicide or Self Injury.



Obviously, if you feel someone is in real danger and know where they live, call the police.

Facebook will then review the report and contact authorities. They’ll also suggest resources for you to assist a friend.


Facebook will also offer assistance to the person making the troublesome post.


If you have kids, grandkids, or young friends who use Facebook, it’s a good idea to talk to them about the importance of notifying an adult if they see any signs that a friend might be considering self-harm. And it’s important for all of us to pay attention when our friends express suicidal thoughts.

You can get help for yourself or for a friend in need by clicking here.

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