Make a quick animation with Google Photos

If you have an Android phone, it’s easy and fun to make a quick animated GIF. You can create the animation using between 3 and 50 images from your phone’s camera. It’s best to use pictures with only a slight movement between the shots.  You can take new photos or use some already on your phone. Open the Google Photos app.


When Photos opens, click the 3-dot menu icon at the top right.


Select Animation from the drop-down menu.


Select between 3 and 50 photos to use for your animation. Remember, it’s better if there isn’t too much change between the images. We’re looking for a fluid motion. Just tap the images to select. Tap again to deselect.


Once you’ve picked the images, tap Create at the top right.


You can change the speed of the animation and make other changes using the menu at the bottom of the screen. When you’re happy with it, choose Save.



Once the animation is created, you can tap the share button.


You can send directly to a contact or share with Facebook, email, Twitter, or messaging apps.



Here’s a look at my kitten animation.




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