Web Cam Plaza Christmas

Get a look at Christmas all over the world at Web Cam Plaza’s Christmas site.  You’ll see town centers from all over the Europe decorated for the holiday season. Traditionally, Christmas markets are set up in town squares. They feature items for sale, music, entertainment and sometimes carnival rides.  This site shows you what’s happening in town squares all over Europe.

From a Christmas Market in Germany:


To Christmas trees in Russia:


You’ll also find celebrations in Transylvania, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands and more.  The page is super-simple to use. Just click on the name of one of the plaza you’d like to see.


And you’ll get a full-sized view of the webcam. Some of the cams let you control the view and others have sound, so you can really take in the whole experience.


The viewing is better at night when you can see all of the beautiful lights, so make sure you take into account the time difference where you are to plan your watching.  Not only do you get a look at the decorations, but you can also see the vehicles, the types of stores, and the people walking around. It’s a great insight into the regular lives of people.

To get a look at the beautifully decorated town squares of Europe, click this link:


Then click on the 001 Click and go at the top of the page.


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