PC acting up? Try chkdsk

If your PC is acting up and you’re concerned there may be a problem with your hard drive, using the chkdsk (check disk) command can help identify and repair some types of problems with your disk.

To run this command, type cmd into the search box on your start menu and click on the result.


Right-click on the result and choose Run as Administrator.


When the command window opens, type chkdsk and press enter. Make sure you type it exactly. When using the command prompt spelling and spacing count.


The process of verifying and checking your files will begin.


If any problems are detected with the drive, it would be displayed in the results of the check. In this case, the pertinent information for me is that there are no bad sectors.


There are a couple of variations of chkdsk that you can try to help if there is some lost or damaged data.  Typing chkdsk/f tells your PC to fix any errors it finds.


Your PC won’t be able to fix any errors while you’re using it so you can schedule it to check the disk next time you restart.


Typing chkdsk/r instructs your PC to attempt to recover any data stored on a damaged part of your hard drive.


There’s no guarantee that the recovery effort will be successful, but this is a useful tool if you have an issue.



3 thoughts on “PC acting up? Try chkdsk

  1. CYN, My issue is with opening an external hard drive. It is not recognized. I did try chkdsk, but must have done it wrong. Would chkdsk/r help?

      1. Both WD My Book, one is, one isn’t. It’s the one that isn’t I’m trying to open. Haven’t tried the other that was recognized and did open & did receive data, since the latest update that messed everything up. This one, that is not recognized, I hadn’t tried to open prior to the update and it won’t open now. Would CHKDSK r help it? Thanks, Trish

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