Free solitaire games for Mac or PC

If your requests are any indication, solitaire might be the most popular game out there to play on your PC. I’ve covered PC options before, but some Mac users have asked about good, free options for them.


One option for both PC and Mac users is Full Deck Solitaire by GRL games. Free games include  Klondike 3 Card, Klondike 1 Card, Vegas Solitaire, Freecell, Thieves Of Egypt, Forty Thieves, Red And Black, Royal Parade, Demon, Canfield, Canfield 1 Card Turn, Double Canfield, Spider 4 Suit, Spider 1 Suit, Spider 2 Suit, Pyramid, Tri Peaks Solitaire, Golf, Golf Around Corner, Gaps, Montana, Beleaguered Castle, Bisley and Mrs. Mop.

The developers describe themselves as a solitaire loving Mom and daughter, and the look of the game does indicate a love of solitaire.


You’ll be able to track how many hours you’ve played, the number of games won, and your high score for each game. There’s also a hit system to let you know if you’re out of moves.

You can use the default background, add your own wallpaper, or purchase additional wallpapers.

You can purchase additional games with two additional add-on game packs that cost $4.99 each. But you’ve got plenty of free options.  There’s also a version for iPad and iPhone.

The game also has great user ratings in the various app stores.  It ranks a 4.5 out of 5 in the Windows app store, Apple app store, and Mac app store.

Click here to download for Windows 10.

Click here to check it out for Mac.

Click here to download for iPhone or iPad.

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  1. I clicked on the Windows 10 version, and then on the next page I clicked on Get It Now but it will not download.

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