Make a desktop shortcut for a new game in Windows 10

After I suggested downloading the free Full Deck Solitaire App, a reader wanted to know how to make a desktop shortcut in Windows 10. Here’s how to do it.

Go to the Windows Store on your PC, look for Full Deck Solitaire, and then click Get it now.


The game will take a minute or two to download. Once it’s done downloading, you’ll get an option in the lower right to Pin to Start. Click it. If you’ve already downloaded without pinning to start, it’s okay. We can still do it.


Let’s talk about putting things on the desktop in Windows 10. It’s not always easy, and that’s by design. Microsoft would prefer that you use the Start Menu instead of cluttering up your desktop. If you click the Start button, you’ll probably see the newly installed program listed at the top.   Just double-click to open.


All of your apps are listed in alphabetical order. You can scroll down to open.


If you haven’t already pinned the app to the Start Menu, right-click and choose Pin to Start.


You could also choose More and select Pin to taskbar from the drop-down menu.


Once you pin to Start, the app will appear as one of the tiles on the right, down at the bottom. You can reposition the tile anywhere you want on the Start Menu.  You can launch anything from the tiles without cluttering up the desktop. What’s nice about that is that you don’t have to close or minimize other programs to access shortcuts on the desktop.


Once an app is pinned to the start menu, making a desktop shortcut is as easy as clicking and holding, then dragging it to the desktop.











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