Yesterday we went over the basics of the popular Netflix streaming service. You can click  here to read that article if you missed it.

If you’re ready to set up your account, you’ll need to open or download the Netflix app on your device. Or, if you’re using a browser, click here to go to

Since they off a free 30-day trial, get started by tapping or clicking on Join free for a month.


Then it’s time to select your plan. Netflix offers a detailed description of what’s available on the page. The most popular plan is the Standard.


Make sure to hit the Continue button when you make your selection.


Create your account by putting in your email address and a password. Make sure you write that password down.


Then select your method of payment. If you have a Netflix gift card to use, this is where you enter it.¬† If you put in a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account, you won’t be charged for anything as long as you remember to cancel it at the end of the thirty-day free trial. You’ll be notified three days before the free trial ends.


You can scroll through the offerings to find something you like and check out categories like Popular on Netflix or Trending Now.


Or tap the magnifying glass icon to search for movies or series that interest you. Netflix will also suggest programming based on your interests.


When you open a series, you’ll see all the episodes for that season.


Click the drop-down arrow by Season to see additional seasons.


Click or tap the play button to begin watching.



Once the program starts, you’ll be able to stop, pause, fast-forward and go back. Basically, anything you can do while watching any recording. If you stop the program on your TV and then open up again on a tablet, you’ll be in exactly the same place you stopped.