A reader has a question about a recent article:

Your detailed explanation on how to use new apps , such as the ‘Sticky Note” for Windows, are very clear and easy to understand. However, as a Tech newbie, I also find myself saying “what would I use this for?” or “why do I need it?” So maybe it would be good to include an example of what the app does. For example; could I use “Sticky Notes” to remind me of a future doctor’s appointment in on Aug 10, 2018 ? Would Sticky Notes do that? Or something example like that!

Thanks for the valuable input! You’re right, I could do a better job of showing some apps in action. Let’s start with our two recent articles on sticky note app.

The first listed the Windows Sticky Note app included in Windows. You can click here to read that. You can’t set appointments with that app, though if you’re using Windows 10, you can easily set appointments using Cortana.

The second app I mentioned is Simple Sticky Notes. You can click here to read how to download and install.

If you’re using Simple Stick Notes, it’s easy to create a reminder for yourself. Just open the program, click the three-dot menu, and choose alarm from the drop-down menu.



Choose the day and time for your reminder.


You can choose to set the alarm once or have it reoccur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can also choose to add sounds if you like.


Once you set the alarm on the note, you can close it. When it’s time for the appointment, it will pop up on the desktop and flash at you.  Make sure you set it to pop up a bit ahead of time for things like appointments, so you’ll have time to to get to them.