Set up mail on an iPhone

Yesterday, we looked at how to set up email on your Android phone. Click here to read that article. Today, we’ll go over the process for an iPhone.

To set up your email accounts on an iPhone, you’ll want to go to Settings.


Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


Then Add Account.


You’ll have the option of Apple’s iCloud email, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook.


Tap the email you want to add. Enter your account information for that email, including your password. The device will verify your account once you hit Next.


You can choose what is synced to the device once your account is recognized, between Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes. If you don’t want those synced, slide the button to the left.


Other options on this screen involve changes to your Mail settings, Contacts, and Calendars.

An important option under the Mail menu, if you don’t want to use your Apple ID mail as your main email, is the Default Account option. Tap on this, and it will bring up all your added accounts.


Tap on whichever account you’d like to be your default account to add a checkmark to indicate your default.


Another thing to note on your Mail is that you can swipe individual messages right and left to perform actions. You can change the default actions when you swipe right or left from the Mail menu, Swipe Options. Under the Contacts heading, you can change the sorting order and the naming display order, showing contacts in your app switcher, and setting up My Info.


Setting your own contact information is important, as it is used for Siri and several other applications. To set your own info, you first need to create your own card under the Contacts app, if you have never done so.


Tap the app, then hit the plus sign by All Contacts.


Fill out your information in the boxes. You can also set up your other relationships, such as your spouse, mother, sister, etc. You can do this from your contacts by tapping on your contact card, tapping Edit at the top, then scrolling down to add related name. If you’ve created a card for that person, you can hit the chevron arrow to choose that person, or you can simply type that related person’s name.


You can choose from several labels or even add a custom label.


Once your card is created, go back to the Settings app, and tap on Mail Contacts and Calendars. Under the Contacts section, tap on My Info. You’ll see a list of all your contacts. Tap on your card to set that as My Info.


You should be ready to send and receive email.

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