Stop frauds from stealing your photos

A new feature from Facebook can help stop crooks from stealing your photos to use for perpetrating Facebook frauds.

Crooks cloning Facebook accounts and sending out friend requests to con people is an online epidemic. Fraudsters also love stealing other people’s photos to create fake online identities and con folks out of money.


Now, Facebook has a new feature that can help you find out if anyone is using your photos. Normally, you could only find out if you were in a Facebook photo if you’re tagged in it. But, of course, crooks don’t tag you, they just steal your identity. This new feature can help you find if your image is being used.

You’ll now be notified if a picture of you is posted. If it’s a legitimate photo, you can choose to tag yourself or if you’re tagged and don’t like it, remove the tag. If you have an issue with a photo posted by a friend, you can contact them.


If the photo is being posted by someone you don’t know, you can report it.


Facial recognition isn’t perfect, so if you’re identified as being in a photo and it isn’t you, you can make sure Facebook knows that isn’t you. You’ll only be notified if you’re part of that picture’s intended audience or the image is public. So, you can’t be absolutely sure someone hasn’t made off with an image of you somewhere.


Facebook decides if it’s you in an image by comparing photos from you and your friends that you’ve been tagged in.

Facebook will also suggest that people tag you when they upload images that you appear in. If you’d like to turn these suggestions off, here’s how. If you’re using a browser click the arrow at the top-right and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Then choose Timeline and tagging at the left.


Under Tagging, choose Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded. Click Edit.


You can choose between Friends and No One. If you don’t want Facebook to show tag suggestions, choose No One.




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