Using the Windows 10 Calendar

Have you checked out the built-in calendar app for Windows 10? It’s tied into the Windows 10 Mail app but you don’t necessarily have to use that app as your email client in order to use the calendar.

But if you want to sync your Google, Yahoo, or Outlook online calendar, you’ll need to set up the client for those accounts.

To open calendar, you can just search for it in the search box and click on the result.


Calendar has a very clean look to it.


Click or tap at the top to switch between Monthly, Weekly, or Daily views.


Click the three-dot menu button for a yearly option or to print or sync your calendar.


You can sync with the calendars for Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook accounts. But, first you’ll have to link those accounts to the Mail app. You can also add additional calendars. Tap the three-line menu bar at the top left to either hide or reveal your menu options.


Choose Add Calendars.


You can add holiday calendars from countries around the world and calendars for popular sports.


Your calendars from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail etc.. will be included as long as you checked that option when linking the accounts to the Mail app.

To add an event to your calendar, just click New event at the top left.


Fill out the event details.


Then click or tap the Save icon.


If you have Cortana’s voice activation enabled, just say “Hey, Cortana. Add an event.”


Then tell Cortana the details.


The event will be added to your calendar.


Give it a try.








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