Email apps for your phone

Last week, I explained how to set up email on your phone using the default pre-installed email client apps.

You can click here to read about mail on an Android phone.

Click here to read about mail on an iPhone.

But you aren’t limited to just the default email apps that come with your phone. Go to the app store for your phone and you’ll find plenty of choices. Just type in Email.
There are dozens of free options including Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail.


Most are free. All you need to do is tap Install.


Let’s check out some screenshots. They look similar but do offer different features.


As with any app, it’s a good idea to read the reviews. Keep in mind, even if you are using Yahoo Mail with a browser, you’ll find that the app works a little bit differently.

One more thing; if you access your email via a browser on your PC, you might be tempted to just open up Chrome on your phone and try to get to it that way. I’d advise against that. You’re much better off using either the device’s default email client or downloading the app for your specific provider.


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