Today I’m going to introduce you to the built-in email client for Windows 10. To be upfront, this app is not my favorite email client in the world. I pay for an Office 365 subscription and use full Outlook myself.  The Mail app is a useful enough program for sending and receiving emails, but I like something with more features than it offers. If you’re used to an e-mail client like Outlook, you’re going to find this a pretty sparse program. It really does have more in common with a mail app on your phone than a typical PC e-mail client.

Let’s take a look. To find Mail, Just type Mail into your search box and click on the result.


Let’s start by clicking on Accounts on the left.


Then choose Add Account.


Choose from among the major providers like, Yahoo, Gmail, and iCloud or select “Other account.” For demonstration purposes, we’ll start with an Outlook


If you’ve already signed onto your PC with a Microsoft account it will suggest that one, or you can put in another, Hotmail, or MSN address.


When you add an email account, it will also sync your contacts and your calendar from that account.


It takes about 10 seconds for the account to activate and you’re now all ready to send and receive email, just like that. Here’s a look at your inbox.


I’ll get into more detail about this app in future articles.