Clearing the cache in god mode

Virginia tried out our tip about using Window’s god mode. (Click here to check it out.)

Cyn, I got this and am duly impressed. You are right about this little icon being the best time-saver ever! Thanks for submitting this. I have a question about one item in the Internet Options list; does “Deleting cookies or temporary files” do the same thing as Emptying the Cache? I usually have to go into Chrome’s settings to find this feature. I don’t want to delete my cookies, I find them useful. But I do want to empty the Cache now and then.

To use god mode, just click the icon to open the folder.


Once it opens, you’ll have access to all of the functions of Settings and the Control Panel. We’ll scroll down to Internet Options.


Just clicking on that won’t make any changes to your PC.  It will open the Internet Properties Window and give you a great deal of individualized control over what you save and delete. Some settings will affect only Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge while others apply to the Internet in general. I’ll go over what each of the tabs does in future articles.


Your best bet for simply clearing the cache in an individual browser is just to do it within the browser. Clearing a cache gets rid of temporary files that can gum up the works. Doing a simple disk cleanup also clears unwanted files.  Look under Administrative Tools in god mode for Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files.


You can then choose to clean up temporary internet files and other items that might be taking up room or slowing down your PC.  You have control over which files you want removed. A quick cleanup like this doesn’t take much time to run either.


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