A few of my favorite frauds

I’ve got a couple of scams to let you in on today. The first turned up in my inbox yesterday.


It warned that my email account would be terminated because I’d recently made a request to deactivate the account and that I must click on a button to cancel the deactivation.

This is what’s called a phishing scam. Clicking on that button will either take you to a malware-laden site that could infect your computer or ask you to input your password to log on to the account, which will give crooks what they need to know to get into your account. Don’t fall for it.  It’s meant to incite a panic response where you click on that button before you have time to think about it.

Out second scam of the day is this one that turned up in my Facebook feed today. This one uses the name of Meijer stores, but other similar scams use Kroger , Kohl’s, and about any other retailer you can name.


It promises an incredible $75 off any $100 purchase. That type of discount seems highly unlikely. If you click on it you get this survey.


There are some grammatical errors here that could give a clue. The misuse of the apostrophe for coupons and its and the way the sentences are phrased.  “By the services of” is not typically a way that question would be asked.


If you complete the quiz, you’re asked to share the post. Clicking on these links can cause malware to be downloaded to your PC or phone and to the PC or phone of anyone who sees the link you shared. Seriously, don’t share them. If you don’t believe me, listen to Meijer. the company has this warning posted on their Facebook page.


I know many people say they share things like this “just in case.”  Well, you could be loading up your devices and those of your friends with every kind of malware and also making yourself and your friends a target for additional scammers.

Seriously, do not click on these links. Do not share them. Warn your friends.





One thought on “A few of my favorite frauds

  1. I am 91 and have used a computer since ’88, so I have aged with the changes in the computers and the frauds and other threats. It is difficult to not get caught up in one or another. I have a problem that is a question about a possible misleading event.
    After renewing my web page, I received a flush of people wanting to help me redo the site or make it better. Then I got an email from cPanel outlining a problem ”
    The “LetsEncrypt” AutoSSL provider could not renew the SSL certificate without a reduction of coverage because of the following problems: “middlesexbeachvt.com” does not resolve to any IPv4 addresses on the internet.”

    I have googled cPanel and AutoSSL and read the results from the Wikipedia site.
    I still don’t know if this is important for a private and seldom updated web site/

    Thanks for all the good work you do and did do on Worldstart.
    Don Jones

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