How to take control of what you see on Facebook

The folks at Facebook are taking greater control over what you see in your news feed.¬† They want to prioritize things they think are important. So, if you want to keep seeing pages and people you’re interested in, here’s what to do:

Like (or have any reaction) to and comment on the posts by your friends, family, and sites that you enjoy seeing posts from.

You can also click that little drop-down arrow button at the top of your feed and select News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu.


On a mobile device, select the three-line menu button for settings.


And then scroll down to News Feed Preferences.



For both browser and mobile, choose Prioritize who to see first.


Go through and click on the people and pages you want to see first. You’ll see a star symbol on the ones you select and See First will appear below the name.



You can click the arrow by All to sort by Friends, Pages, or the people you already see first.




When you’re done selecting, click on People you see first to make sure all of your favorites are included. Pay particular attention to make sure that my pages¬†are listed. (Just kidding, follow what you want.)


Then click the Done button.


This should help you see what you want to see. But make sure to like and comment on posts from people and pages you wish to keep seeing.


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