Can’t search Dropbox from Mac

A reader can no longer search her Dropbox cloud storage from the desktop. She writes:

“I have a vast digital hoard that’s mostly on Dropbox. For years, I could search that hoard easily, with never a problem. Then I started downloading the free font of the week from a reputable source. I *think* but don’t know if that’s what caused it. But my MacBook Pro won’t let me search Dropbox by keyword anymore and it’s maddening.”

Your problem is a known one and I’ve seen multiple fixes. First, make sure your Dropbox app is up-to-date. If it is and you still have the problem, consider reinstalling the app.

If you’ve got DropBox installed anywhere besides the default location. Maybe on the desktop or in your Documents folder, Dropbox support suggests putting it in the default location.

They also suggest disabling iCloud notifications. Here’s how to do that:

Click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.


Select iCloud.


Uncheck the box next to Reminders.


I can’t promise that any of these steps will take care of the issue. Please let me know if it helps. If it doesn’t we’ll explore other options.



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