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Here’s a fun app to check out: The Google Arts & Culture app. It’s available in both the Google Play Store for Android phones and the Apple App Store for your iPhone. A lot of people have recently been playing with a feature of the app that matches a phone of you with a classic work of art that you resemble. But this app is much more than that fun little game.

It’s free to download once you look it up in your app store. You can also explore the features using a browser.


The app features cultural stories such as a virtual tour of the Eiffel tower or the history behind great works of art.


The featured stories update daily. You can search by topic or tap the Nearby icon to see suggestions of places near you to visit. I especially enjoyed playing with the feature that lets you match your face to a famous work of art.


To play, you do have to grant the app access to your camera so you can take a selfie.


Here’s what I got.


There’s a lot of smart fun to be had here.  You don’t need a smartphone to enjoy it either. If you’re using a browser, you can click here.

Click here to check it out in the Google Play Store.

Click here for the Apple App Store.


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