Aphasia Software Finder

Whether someone is born with difficulty communicating or develops problems with speech due to an illness or injury, the inability to easily verbally communicate with others can be a huge burden.

Fortunately, there are many software programs and apps that can assist people in recovering or at least communicating better. The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia brings all of those apps together in one handy place.

For each app or program, you see the cost, the devices it works with, and if there are versions for American, UK, or Australian English.


Click on the app for a more comprehensive review.


You can also search for specific programs to check out the review and pull up a handy comparison chart. The interface for the site is simple to use and features large, clear type.

Click here to check out the site: https://www.aphasiasoftwarefinder.org/app-software-list



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