I’ve been trying different to-do list options trying to find a good fit for the tasks I need to get done from day to day. My days vary a lot and while Asana is excellent for tracking long-term and team projects, I’m not finding it useful for my daily to-do lists.  That’s where Gone comes in! Gone is a to-do list where tasks disappear 24-hours from when you’ve added them. It’s designed exactly for the need I have, so I’m trying it out.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll see an example to do list that shows tasks fading away. To get started, you’ll want to click Sign Up to create your account. It will sign you in, and then you can start adding tasks immediately.

I started by checking off the list items that they added from the example. And made my list, as I finish items I check them off. If I don’t check them off within 24-hours they’re gone! This is helping me be much more task-oriented and I’m finishing things more than ever.

Go check it out for yourself today!



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