Windows 10 has finally surpassed Windows 7 (but just barely) as the most popular operating system according to data from StatCounter. Windows 10 is found on around 43 percent of desktop and laptop computers while Windows 7 is the operating system on just shy of 42 percent.


With the end of security and bug support for Windows 7 only 2 years away, expect that Windows 7 share to keep dropping. Alarmingly, Windows XP still has an almost 4% share of the market, despite having no support since 2014.

Mac OS is found on just under 6% of laptops and desktops worldwide.


You’d think that since Windows is the operating system for more than 80% of computers, it’s the most popular OS in the world.¬†However, when you factor in mobile devices, Windows is no longer king of the hill. A full 40% of people accessing the Internet are using the Android operating system, while 37% are using Windows. This number demonstrates just how popular mobile devices have become. The operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS is in third place, found on around 13% of devices accessing the Internet.¬† Linux is found on just under 1%.

What operating systems do you use on your devices?