To view today’s site, you’ll need to use Google Chrome, because it’s an awesome Chrome experiment! This time you’ll plunge into an abandoned building near Paris and explore the countless works of graffiti it hosts. 

After the intro plays or you skip it, you’ll have the option of choosing between the Standard or HD experience. I checked both out, and definitely recommend the Standard if you are on a slower connection. The HD is awesome, but the Standard loads quicker. 

Once you take your pick you’ll explore the building with your mouse, and the left side menu. You can use the mouse to explore the building like you would any panorama, click on the i buttons to get more information about a particular piece of graffiti. You can use the left side menu to switch floors under the map section, and that’s about all the instructions you need! 

Just start exploring the different works all around the building! I thought this was a really cool experience. I hope you will too!