Last week, I mentioned the difference between the Classic and New views for Yahoo Mail. Some of you have asked for more details about the differences.

Here’s a look at the “New” inbox which is the default.

Here’s the “classic” view:

So what’s the difference between these two views? If you look at the top of the newer version you’ll see that there are iconsĀ  at the top instead of text. The envelope icon to the far left represents Mail. The address book icon next to it is for contacts. The little calendar icon opens your calendar. Next to that is notepad, followed by a smiley face to indicate Yahoo! Messenger and then a small newspaper icon to indicate Yahoo! news.

To switch views, click the gear icon to the far right of the inbox and choose settings.

Then choose Viewing email.

Scroll down and switch from Full featured to Basic. Then choose Save.

When you switch to the basic inbox, you’ll see a tabbed layout across the top. While you still have Inbox, Contacts, Notepad, and Calendar, you don’t have tabs for messaging or news.

You’ll also notice drop-down menus for Actions and for sorting your messages.

In the Basic mode, you can’t add photo slideshows, drag and drop attachments or personalize your themes. Switching back to the new look is as easy as clicking on Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail in the top right of your inbox.

~ Cynthia