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Do you have trouble picking out a color scheme for projects? Wouldn’t it be nice to see how it looks before you go to all the hassle of pasting in hex color codes into the program you’re using to design your website, newsletter, or social media post? (I’m thinking of project creators like Canva  where you can make stuff easily but must know the hexcodes to produce the colors you want.)

If yes, then Panda Colors is the site for you.  When you arrive at the site you can generate a palette several times without creating an account, so you can get a feel for whether this will work for your design needs before signing up. I signed up.

What I really love is that you can design a color palette and then click on the hexcode number (example: #31DD2E) and it will automatically copy it so you can paste into where you are doing your design work.

The second thing I really love is that on the right side of the page, you can choose from templates so you can see your color palette in the format you’re designing for like desktop, mobile, and UI Kit. Each has several different ones that you can pick from to see your color scheme on.

To change the colors individually for your palette, click on the teardrop on the color swatch and then use the slider to change colors and then drag the circle to find the right shade.

This is a fun way to pick out colors for your next project! Go give it a try!


Note from Cyn – If you’re trying to view this with Internet Explorer in Windows 7, you might run into some issues. If you’re using Windows 7, I suggest viewing Chrome or Firefox.

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