Have a bunch of old snapshots that you’d like to turn into digital files? It may be as easy as pulling out your phone thanks to Google’s PhotoScan app.  It’s available for free in both the Google Play app store and the Apple app store.  It’s a free app, so all you’ll need to do is tap install and to download.


Photoscan allows you to use your built-in phone camera as a scanner. This makes sense. These days most phone cameras have as good or better cameras that scanners. And your phone is right with you, so it’s a lot easier than pulling out a scanner and hooking it up. And, as we all know, scanners are famously temperamental.

To use the Photoscan app, just hold your phone over any printed photo and take a picture.

You move the lens to points in the photo as directed by the app.

The app will automatically remove glare from photos and leave you with a clean digital copy.

The app automatically detects the edge of the photos and crops it. Plus it will straighten out your scans.

You can store those photos in the cloud or move them to your PC or an external hard drive. And it makes them easy to share with family members.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free. Just go to the app store for your phone and search for PhotoScan.