This site offers you an amazing collection 78rpm and Cylinder recordings that were released in the 20th century and collected through the Open Source Audio collection.


To browse the collection, you can start by picking one of the recordings featured on the main page, or you can use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow down the recordings you see. You can filter by Media Type, Year, Topics & Subjects, Collection, Creator, and Language.

I noticed when I filter that it takes a little longer than I anticipated for it to load the new selection. If you want to try out filtering, I recommend scrolling down to Creator and selecting Bing Crosby, because that’s how I roll.

To listen to a recording, click into the entry you want to listen to, and then click the play button in the top section of the page. It took me a moment for my eye to find where the play button was. Each recording has a detailed entry below the record where you’ll find information like the publication date, topics, publisher, language, performer, writer, and more!

I’m excited to explore other artists in this collection, but have enjoyed sharing my afternoon with Bing Crosby. Go listen today!