Send an email with just your voice

If you’ve got an Android phone, did you know you can easily send emails using only your voice?  This is great for when your hands are occupied or for those with visual or mobility impairments.

You’ll already need to have email set up on the phone. Once it is, as long as you have Okay Google enabled, you only need to say “Okay, Google, send an email.” If not, you will need to tap the microphone icon for your Google app.


Google Assistant will ask you want to send the email to.


If more than one contact fits the bill, you’ll have to specify which one. Then you’ll be asked to dictate the message.


Then you’ll be asked to dictate the message.


When you stop talking, Google Assistant will ask if you want to send. Say “yes” and off the message goes.


It may take a few tries to teach Google which contacts you’re talking about. But the more you use it, the better the voice recognition gets.



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