Do you stream your favorite music on Spotify? Like to make Spotify playlists? Or discover new artists through Spotify? Then you should totally check out This takes your listening history and shows your listening trends.

They’ll show you trends both for your lifetime of listening with Spotify, or your most recent listening. The covered trends are Your Top Artist, Your Top Track, When You Listen, How You Listen, Your Top Genre, and other information based on your listening like how high energy the music is, if it’s dance music, or if you stick to a specific type of music.

Most the most surprising result for me was that my top played track wasn’t from the top artist! I already knew when I stream (during work hours) but it was interesting that none of my music fell into a chill category – it was all high octane, high energy!

If you don’t have a Spotify account to analyze, you can create one. It will tell you that you’re a tough-to-read participant, and they’ll offer you a playlist to get started. I think it could be fun to start from scratch (since I share my Spotify account with my roommate) and see how the results differ.

Go check it out for yourselves today!



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