Early Modern Map of London

I love maps, but I especially love digital humanities projects that seek to recreate historic maps! Today’s site brings you the Early Modern Map of London!

This project seeks to do four things: provide a digital edition of the 1561 Agas woodcut map of London; offer an encyclopedia and descriptive gazetteer of London people places, topics, and terms; offer a library of marked-up texts rich in London toponyms; and offer a versioned edition of John Stow’s Survey of London. You’ll find each of these in their respective sections Map, Encyclopedia, Library, and Stow.

I’m going to focus on the Map! The section will give you introductory text to the map and its history and then you’ll click View the Full Map to be whisked away to the map in all its digitized glory. The map is fully interactive. You can zoom in and out, view specific parts of the city (like bridges, churches, playhouses, and more), and you can click on things to bring up information boxes! I could spend hours just exploring the map!

Go explore the map of Early Modern London today!



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