Internet Explorer acting up? Try this

Here’s a great tip if you’re having an issue with Internet Explorer.  I can’t promise it will fix everything because you’re going to start seeing more an more issues with IE. Microsoft is keeping it going because there are a great many business applications that depend on it, but they really aren’t totally committed to fixing bugs or updating. They’d prefer you switch to Microsoft Edge. For example, IE doesn’t handle HTML5 video in Windows 7. Clearing the cache won’t fix that. But there are other issues like freezing, inability to fill in certain fields etc… that clearing the cache can solve.  Let’s look at how to do it.

Press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys. Make sure you don’t press Ctrl + Alt +Delete. since it’s a common command, your fingers and brain may want to make that one happen.  This window will open.


Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History will be checked by default. The option to save your favorite sites will also be checked. For our purposes that should work.


You can also clear form data, passwords, download history, and your Do Not Track information. Just press Delete when you’ve made your selections.



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