So previously, I brought you a site that allowed you to use Spotify to learn more about your taste in music, today I’m bringing you a site that uses Spotify to identify the most timeless songs of all time. I found this site by looking up one of the songs it features in the article “No Diggity.” I was curious and thought that this is another interesting way that you can think about the information that Spotify has based on its users listening habits.

When I think about the music I listened to as a teen in the 90s, I have to admit “No Diggity” comes to mind. It was played at every party, hangout, and formal I went to.  Even now, if it comes on the radio I can’t help but dance and sing along. Mind you, I’m not this survey’s target audience, but they lured me in with nostalgia. They note it would be ideal if they could target the listens of folks born after 1995 because this music wouldn’t really be a part of their listening habits they way it would be for folks my age, and they’ll be influencing the music scene till at least 2050. (For example, a similar survey of 80s music, would make me the ideal audience to survey.)

As you scroll down the page, you’ll find the survey near the top that shows playcounts for 2014. Actually, I’m super impressed at how much of snapshot this is of some of the music I listened to regularly in the 90s. You can click each item on the survey to hear a clip of the song. And you can use the search field to look specifically for a track or artist.

As you scroll down the page, they break down the information even further showing things like Billboard performance, present-day popularity, Biggie vs. Tupac, and a projection of long-term future hits.

This is a fun look at music data! Go check it out for yourself today!