Why can’t I reset the Win 10 defaults?

A reader is unhappy with his options for default mail and browser in Windows 10. He writes:

“I can’t reset default browser settings from Microsoft Edge to Chrome. Also can’t reset default email to Gmail. Windows 10 wants you to choose the settings of their choice from their app store. Needless to say, neither Gmail nor Chrome are available choices.”

The reason you’re not seeing a default Gmail option is that Gmail isn’t an app on your PC. It’s a service that you access via a browser. Only an email client can be designated at you default email app. You can choose the built-in email app that comes with Windows 10 or select another email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. You can set those clients up to receive and send from your Gmail address.

You also certainly do have the option of adding Chrome as your default browser. First, make sure the latest version is downloaded and installed on your PC. Now type ‘default app settings’ in the search box and click on the results.


Scroll down to Web browser and click on whatever browser is listed as the default.


A pop-up menu will open listing all of the browsers installed on your PC. You’ll see I have the option of choosing Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or looking or another app in the Windows Store.  Just tap Chrome.


It will now be your default browser when you open a link.


There actually is a way to use Gmail for email links in Chrome. I’ll get into that more tomorrow.

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