When I first stumbled across this project several years ago, they had only completed reconstructing the soundscape of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Early Modern London. Since then they’ve recreated a visual model of the cathedral and churchyard that you can fly around.

I suggest reading the main page to learn all about the different parts of the project they’ve completed, and then pick where you want to start from there. I started by re-listening to the soundscape. Then I tried out the visual model which is so cool! I really love how they break this section down with figures so you can really compare and contrast the different parts.

The navigation strip offers you the Overview (homepage), Churchyard, Acoustics, Preacher, Occasion, Sermon, and Support sections. For example, you can even learn more about John Donne, his preaching style, and an interactive sermon in the Preacher section.

This is a really cool project! I hope you’ll go check out the updates that they’ve added!


~ Amanda