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I featured a site called AV Test.Org that offered a comparison of Security software last October. And while it’s a good site, it was pointed out to me that site might be difficult for some folks with visual impairment to navigate.


It was suggested that I feature this site instead:

It is indeed, visually, a much cleaner site with clearer graphics in bolder type.


However, it does only feature 5 programs compared to the more than 20 reviewed on The reviews feature pros and cons for each of the security providers and links to deals on the software.


Interestingly, both sites gave Vipre their top rating. has a handy feature that compares the software by which operating system you’re running and also to filter by home and business user.

The reviews on CompariTech get into things like installation and offer large, colorful screenshots.

Both sites are worth checking out. CompariTech may be especially useful if you have a visual impairment. Both sites can serve as valuable tools for comparing antivirus options.

If we ever suggest a site and you have an issue reading or loading the site, let us know. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the information in a format you can see.




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  1. Maybe you better check out Emsisoft. I’ve had it for a number of years now and wouldn’t trust any other to keep me safe.

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