Can I save these contacts?

A reader is looking for a way to transfer contacts from PC to phone.The catch is that the program is nearly 20 years old.

“Do you know if I can import Day-Timer 2000 and my files into my Samsung Galaxy S8+ ? I would appreciate any help that you could offer. I once was able to import that software into my Samsung Galaxy S3. Thank you.”

Wow, that’s a tough one. The program is nearly 20 years old. The last real update was in 2001 and support for the program ended 14 years ago. While there are many organizer and calendar programs that will sync between PC, Mac, and phone, that’s because the service is supported by the developer. Daytimer got out of the software game 14 years ago.


However, all hope is not lost for preserving the contacts. I found a 14-year-old article from PC Mag that goes into great detail about how to move your contacts and other data to Outlook. I’ll warn you that it’s not exactly a simple process. I’m referring you to this article since I don’t have the program and can’t take screenshots.  Click here to read the article.

Once exported and then imported into Outlook, you can import into Gmail and use with your Android phone. I’ll cover that process in an article tomorrow.

The regular old built-in calendar that comes with Android these days can perform any of the functions that your daytimer program does and a Google calendar would also be accessible from any device.  I realize you didn’t ask for an alternative, but I thought I’d offer one.


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