This site offers you tiny travel guides. When you arrive at the site, you’ll find a search bar where you can enter your destination, examples of searches, and a combination of a site description with instructions how to edit the travel guides in the style of Wikipedia.

I’m traveling to Chicago in April, so I thought I’d use that as an example. When you search, it will have you pick the destination you have in mind and then it offers you location tiles to select from. For example, searching for Chicago brings me up a list of locations in the city like Millennium Park, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Cloud Gate to just name a few.

When you select a location tile, it loads that location’s page where you’ll find a description of the location, the amount of time people commonly spend there, where it is, whether you need tickets, and then a series of tiles with more information (like parking, etc.).

This is a really cool way to quickly plan a trip without having to wade through a ton of reviews.

Go check it out for yourself today!


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