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A reader is looking for file transfer options.

“I was all set to ask you a question, then I saw that LapLink (PC Mover) is one of your sponsors. But, what the hell? I am looking for a free program that does that. Windows had one, but I have been warned off it.”

Laplink isn’t a sponsor per se. I feature an Amazon link and I do receive a few pennies if someone buys from that link. I’ve got Laplink up because I really really is the best overall for programs that are capable of transferring programs from one PC to another.

Click here to read my article on Laplink.

Other options include Zinstall, starting at $119 for their Win/Win program that’s designed to transfer files between two working Windows computers. They also offer a Migration Pro Kit at $169 that can help retrieve information from broken computers and without a network connection.  They offer an informative help section and how-to videos to help you get started.


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There’s also Easus – This program comes in both free & paid versions ranging from $49.95 for a one-time single use for one PC to $500 for a 2-year subscription for multiple PCs. So if there are only one or two programs you need to transfer, this can work for you.

The free version will only allow you to transfer two programs/applications. You’ll have to upgrade to the $49.95 version for unlimited. But you can transfer all of your other files and system settings.  Customer assistance is only available for the paid version.

Click here to check it out.

Now, if you don’t need to transfer programs or applications, there are many great, free options. But if it’s necessary to transfer programs, I really suggest spending the money for something like Laplink or taking your computer to a trusted pro for a price.

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  1. So between EaseUS and LapLink which is the preferred option? The are relatively close in price, so that is not really a deciding factor.

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