Download Edge browser for your phone

If you’re a fan of Microsft’s Edge browser, you can download it for your Android or iPhone. Let’s check out how to download and install it on your phone.

Your first step is to go to the app store for your phone and search for Microsoft Edge. Tap on the result.


The app is free to download, so just tap Install.


Once the app is installed you can tap Open. If you’re already using Edge, you’ll want to log in with the same Microsoft account you use on your PC in order to sync your bookmarks and other preferences.



You’ll then need to verify your identity with a confirming email or text code that Microsoft will send to you. If you haven’t set up two-factor authentication, tap on I don’t have any of these.


If you pick text or email, you will need to verify the address. Then enter the code Microsoft sends to you.


Edge should now be synced and ready to go.


In future articles, we’ll explore how to use the Edge browser on your phone.

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