How to update Java

A reader has a question about Java:

“I got a pop-up window that the new version of Java 8 was available, so I downloaded it, wanting to be current on Java) well it didn’t work with my Windows 7 HP computer, so I deleted it and looked for Windows 7 compatible Java programs and there were about 5, so I don’t know which one to pick or if I need to pick any. What does Java do?

Java is a platform that allows websites to run interactive content such as games and forms. So you’ll want to keep Java updated if you visit any sites that require it for proper display.

Here’s the link to the official page. You can verify which version you have and find out if  you need an update:


Here, I’m receiving a notification that Java needs to be updated.


I can then choose to update.


If there are out-of-date versions of Java installed on your PC, you can choose to uninstall them. Out-of-date versions are particularly vulnerable to attack.


You’ll be notified when installation is complete.


Java only works in some versions of Firefox and not all Java applets will work in the Chrome browser.  Here’s the message I see when I visit the Java site in Chrome browser:


And here’s the error when I try to update in Firefox.


Many experts suggest avoiding the Java plug-in due to its vulnerabilities. If you require Java for a task, use Internet Explorer or Safari. You can also enable it in Edge. If you’re having issues applying the update, it may have nothing to do with Windows 7 and everything to do with your browser.

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