Yahoo Notes – Can I save them?

I’ve heard from a few readers that they’ve been having issues with Yahoo Notepad.

“If/when Yahoo Notepad is put back in service is there a way to copy, make into a PDF, back-up or save it from future loss?”

“Is there any way I can print or save someplace else all the information I have stored on Yahoo Notepad? I just about panicked when that feature was lost a few months ago but is now restored. Yahoo is very careful to shield themselves from their users & the public, they offer absolutely NO support!”

While researching he question, I discovered that Yahoo Notepad has been down or inaccessible to some users multiple times in the past fewyears.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, Yahoo Notepad allows those with a Yahoo email account to keep short notes.  You find the icon in the upper left of your Yahoo email inbox.


Once it’s open, just click on Add a new note.



Title the note and start typing.

Yahoo-notes-title note.jpg

To save, click the button at the bottom of the note.


You can also create notebooks to store your notes. There are two big downsides to this feature. No option to print and no option to save.

My suggestion would be to switch to a program like OneNote from Microsoft. It’s also free, but you can use it with anything and have options for saving, sharing, and printing notes.  But if you want to stick with Yahoo Notes, you do have some options.

If you’re using the Chrome browser, there’s an add-on called Notepad Notes Backeruper.  Click here to check it out in the Chrome Web Store.


Once installed, you’ll be able to click an icon to back up your notes as a text file.


Considering that Yahoo spent the last few years trying to unload their email services, I’m not surprised if service is lacking. (Though none of the free email services offer much for support besides online help sections.)   Verizon recently spent billions of dollars to acquire AOL and Yahoo. They clearly want to be a player in the email game.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon either improves note or offers their own alternative free online office suite to compete with Google and That would likely include a notetaking app.

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