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Yesterday, I showed you how to download, install and sync Microsoft Edge browser for your phone. Click here to learn about that. 

This article explores the Android version, but it should look fairly similar on your iPhone.

Here’s a look at what the Edge browser looks like when you open it.  In the center is the search box which uses Bing as a search engine by default. Below it, you’ll see recently opened pages. These pages were last opened from the Edge browser on my PC. But since I’ve synced Edge on my phone with Edge on my browser, I see them here as well.


Up in the right corner, is the icon for the Edge hub. It looks like a star.


Open it and you’ll see the row of symbols below at the top.


Tap the Star at the far left to see your Favorites. You can also view favorites imported from other browsers.


To add a page to favorites, just tap the star icon and then select Add current page to favorites.


Tap the icon that looks like a stack of books to access your reading list. A reading list consists of articles that you’ve saved off the internet for later. This differs from Favorites in that you’re saving the particular article, not just the site.


To add an article to the reading list, tap the book icon and then tap the Reading List icon with the + next to it at the right.


Tap the Books icon and you’ll be able to access eBooks purchased from the Microsoft Books store.


Tap the icon that looks like a clock to view your search history. Tap any of the results to visit the site again. Delete your search history by tapping the garbage can icon.


Click the arrow icon to view your downloads.


In addition to typing in the search box, you can tap the microphone to do a voice search or the video icon to search visually with a barcode or QR code. You will first need to give permission for Edge to record the video or the audio.


Down at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the forward and back arrows to move between sites. The icon in the middle is to locate other devices.


The tabs icon lets you see all of your open tabs, open a new one, or open a private tab.

new tab.jpg

In the next part of our series, we’ll look at the settings functions for the Microsoft Edge mobile browser.








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