Microsoft Edge Mobile: Advanced settings

This week we’ve been learning about Microsoft’s Edge browser for your phone. Yesterday we covered Settings. You can click here to check that out. Today, we’ll take a look at the Advanced Settings. 

To access Advanced Settings, tap the 3-dot menu button at the bottom of the screen.


Then choose Settings.


Scroll down to select Advanced Settings. You’ll see options for Privacy, Accessibility, and Site permissions.


Under Privacy, you can decide if you want to see search or URL suggestions. You’ll also have the option of whether or not to share your search history with Microsoft as well as usage and crash reports.  There’s also the option of turning on Do Not Track.

This alerts websites that you don’t wish to be tracked, but it doesn’t guarantee they will honor your request.


Tap Clear browsing data and you can clear browsing history, cookies, clear the cache. You’ll be able to set the history for clearing time from an hour to a week to a month to all time.


Accessibility allows you to change the size of the font and to allow you to zoom in on sites that normally don’t allow zooming.


Site permissions controls whether cookies, location data, camera use, microphone use, notifications, JavaScript, pop-ups, and background sync are allowed on one or all sites. These permissions are very important for protecting your privacy.


If you like you can also choose to select Edge as the default browser for your phone.

I hope our 4-part tour has proved helpful.



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