Edge Mobile Settings

This week we’ve been exploring the Microsoft Edge mobile browser. You can click here to learn how to download and install and to take a tour. 

Today, we’ll look at settings and how you can control privacy, default search engine, and other important things within Edge. To get started, just click the three-dot menu at the bottom right of the screen.


You’ll see options to open a new tab or private tab and to access Settings. Tap Settings.


Choosing Appearance lets you select whether or not to show the Reading View option when pages are displayed. Tap the Default Search Engine option and…


… to select which search engine you want the Edge browser to use.



Choose Autofill and payments and you can choose to allow Edge to fill in form information or input credit card numbers that you’ve added. To add addresses or cards, just tap the word.


Choose Save passwords to automatically fill in passwords on some sites. You can tap the sites to delete ones you know longer wish to have stored.



Under New Tab Page, you can decide if you want to see a news feed on new tabs and also what language is displayed.


In the final part of our series, we’ll check out the advanced options under settings.

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