AlterEgo could give a voice to those without speech

An experimental device developed by MIT could give a voice to the voiceless. Users wearing this headset are able to communicate their intent without speaking or making any deliberate facial movement. Simply by vocalizing internally, they can communicate intent to the device. It could be used as a remote for a TV or to move the mouse on a computer.


The device enables a wearer to either speak silently to a computer or another person wearing the device. Others can communicate with the user without any audible sound because it’s transmitted directly to the bones in your ear.

This device doesn’t exactly read your mind. But if you deliberately think about the words, as you would maybe when silently trying to sound out a new word.

Users with memory problems could get instant access to someone’s name or information without having to say anything and without the person they were talking to being aware they were receiving the prompt.


MIT reports that they’re seeing about 90% accuracy in their tests. This device could potentially help folks with Apraxia, Cluttering, and other voice disorders, but it hasn’t been tested on those with speech impediments yet.

You can click here to learn more and watch video of AlterEgo in action.


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